The Clowvazar Academy 


Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús: Go Aethelu! Go Nobles!

General Ed • Gifted & Talented • Special Ed

General Ed. Program: 

Ages 5+ (K-12th)


We help keep student's anxiety low and motivation high, so students can focus on their education.


Our General Education program takes an innovative approach to learning. Instead of placing students in a grade according to their age, we place students in individual subjects according to their abilities. This means that per subject we never hold students back from their potential and never promote them when they are not ready.


The Clowvazar Academy does not take part in standardized testing as a chief assessment tool. Instead, we assess students by the products that they produce and the quality of involvement that they put into their studies. This does not mean that we do not give ‘tests,’ rather that tests are not the only determining factor we use for promotion.

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School For Children With Different Learning Styles.

Special Education, General Education, Gifted-And-Talented