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Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús: Go Aethelu! Go Nobles!

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Austin Clow (Headmaster, Teacher) - French 

M.A. TESOL (2013), B.A; French & Linguistics (2010); Masters (M.A) - Education (in progress); M.A. Early Childhood Development (in progress).


Jennifer Niggemyer  (Deputy headmistress, Teacher) - All Subjects 

Master of Arts (M.A) -  Special Education (2014); B.A. - Interdisciplinary Studies (2011)


Lewis Owczarzak  (Teacher) - Middle and High School Math, English, and Fine Art 

Bachelors (B.S). Architecture (2013); B.A. Anthropology (2013)


Wendy Peters  (Teacher) - Science, Math, Anthropology, High School Biology

Associate in Science (A.S) - Biological Science; Associate in Arts (A.A.) -Liberal Arts, Science & Math Emphasis (2012)


Brandon Treviño  (Teacher)  - History, Anthropology, Geography, Economics, English 

Master (M.A) - History (in progress); B.A. American Studies (2015)


Courtney Carvajal  (Teacher) - Kindergarten / 1st Grade

Master (M.A) - Museum Studies (in progress); B.A. Classics, B.A. Anthropology (minor - History) (2012) 


Paulette 'Charly' Gayer  (Teacher) - English, Science, Job Readiness and Life Skills

Master (M.A.), Bible/Biblical Studies (in progress), Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies (minor - Theatre)


Denise Molina (Science Teacher)


Mary Ramos (Substitue) 

Masters (M.A)  - Agricultural Science & Horticulture, Texas Certified Teacher

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San Antonio, TX 78249

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School For Children With Different Learning Styles.

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