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Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús: Go Aethelu! Go Nobles!

General Ed • Gifted & Talented • Special Ed

Pricing Philosophy:

The Clowvazar Academy is dedicated to providing education that is affordable. We do this by offering a base tuition for our core classes, and an à la carte option for additional services and electives. This way, parents can build a plan that works for their budget.  


Our Rates Have Changed! 


General Education & Gifted-And-Talented: 

Tuition: $475-$975/month based on income and available seats. 


Special Education (Medium-High Functioning): Inclusion 

Tuition: $475-$975/month based on income and available seats.


Special Education (Low to Medium Functioning): Special Ed Only

Tuition: $650-$1,050/month based on income and available seats. No further reductions are accepted.


Special Education One-On-One: 

Tuition: $5,500.00 / month


Special Education Small Group (up to 3 students): 

Tuition: $2500.00 / month


Single Course (for home school students) 

$325 per course 


Monthly Fee: On Installment Plans

Thee is a $5.00 if parents choose to pay monthly instead of paying the full tuition at the beginning of the year.  


Yearly Enrollment Fee: 

All students will be assessed a $550.00 enrollment fee per year. This can be paid as $95.00/month for over six months ($570.00 total) or $50/month over 12 months ($600.00 total). Enrollment fees are not pro-rated when enrollment is over five months.

Electives & Tracks: 

Study Hall: (7:30AM, 1h ; 8:00AM or 2:00PM, 1h) $50.00 / month.

Basic Art (8:00AM, 1h): $50.00 / month.

Fine Arts: (2:00 or 3:00PM, 1h) $200.00 / month


Job Readiness: $75.00/month

Life Skills: $75.00 / month 


Independent Study:

Anatomy and Physiology: Price Varies

French: Free for High Schoolers

Spanish: Free for High Schoolers 

Computer Science (Online) $25.00/month

Environmental Science (Online) $25.00/month 


How To Pay? 

Payment should be made by check. Remember, most banks can send the check for you!

(210) 690-4800

12746 Cimarron Path #120

San Antonio, TX 78249

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