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The Clowvazar Academy is currently looking to fill the following position(s):  


School Tutor / Teacher's Assistant:  

We are looking for an individual who can do small group tutoring for all ages. Perform duties that are instructional in nature or deliver direct services to students or parents. Serve in a position for which a teacher or another professional has ultimate responsibility for the design and implementation of educational programs and services. 


Pay/Schedule: Starts at $7.25 / hour; 9AM-2:00PM; we have a week off every three to five weeks. At least 3 days per week preferred.

Start: January 2018.

Commitment: At least 6 months.  

This job entails working primarily with a small group of kindergarten through 12th grade students. The tutor/ assistant will coördinate with the teacher(s). Tutor / assistant may be requested to work with other teachers or administrators in the school for takes related to or unrelated to tutoring.

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