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Parent Conduct & Expectations 


When The Clowvazar Academy accepts student to our school, we are also accepting the parents. Students may be expelled from the school based on the behavior of parents. This conduct may be filed in the students official transcripts and will be transferred with the student to other institutions.


At the request of parents, we have put together a list of expectations.


When parents choose The Clowvazar Academy it is under the assumption that they have investigated the school and have concluded that it is sufficient as-is for the needs of their student. The Clowvazar Academy is a special type of education program that only works because of the amazing staff and vision of the school. It is important that parents do not disrupt the beauty and tranquility of the school environment. It is also important that parents only choose The Clowvazar Academy if it is the type of education they want.


1) Parents are expected to be diligent in ensuring that their student's homework is completed.

2) Parents are expected to ensure that they support the efforts of the staff to educate the students. This means ensuring that the value of education is taught at home.

3) Parents are expected to be direct with the staff and headmaster. Voicing concerns through alternative channels (e.g relaying concerns through other parents) is prohibited  Additionally, voicing the unverified concerns of other parents is unprofessional. Bottom line is, if parents are not contacting the staff or headmaster, we can not be responsive.

4) The Clowvazar Academy is responsive to the needs of the students; however, forming outside groups for the purposes of persuading The Clowvazar Academy into altering the structure is prohibited. Sabotaging The education at The Clowvazar Academy is prohibited. Concerns need to be shared with the staff and headmaster directly. Remember, the staff are humans too.

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