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Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús: Go Aethelu! Go Nobles!

General Ed • Gifted & Talented • Special Ed

Job Readiness: 

Students on the Job Readiness Track take one extra class per semester which focuses on job training skills. Students learn skills such as cashier, inventory management, store clerk, employee management, scheduling, food safety and handling, et cetera.

Cost: $75.00/month, Monday & Wednesday: 2:00 - 3:00PM 

Job Application Coaching 

• Aptitude Test

• Job Description and Job Requirements

• Your Skills

• Elevator Speech

• Application Prep

• Write-up

• Resumé-Contact Information 

• Social Media,  LinkedIn

• The Law (how to not be discriminated against or take advantage of)

• Submittal (how and where to submit

• Interview Practice, Followups

• Placement, Agencies and Interviews


Practicums - Learning To Do Actual Jobs 

• Restaurant Taks

• Retail Tasks, Grocery Store Tasks

• Janitorial Task

• Interacting With Public, Customer Service

• Conflict Management, Working With Clerical Tasks (paperwork, et cetera)

• Telephone Etiquette


Field trips: Still Under Development 

• HEB, GameStop, Laundry, H&R Block

• United States Geological Survey (USGS), Property Management Companies

• Fast Food Restaurant, USAA, Grocery Stores, Bank

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